Caulifower Mushroom Soup

250 mm water
1 half cauliflower in small pieces
100 gr mushrooms, cut in pieces
100 ml cream
stock from a cube
some bacon
rated cheese
Some chilli flakes
Some lemon juice

cook the cauliflower in the water for about 10 min.

in the mean time fry the mushrooms in some oil
and fry the bacon on a dry pan.

Put the cauliflower and water in the food processor and process it. Add some water if it is too dry

Put the cauliflower and water back in the pan.
Add the stock, cream and cheese
Cook everything till heated though.

Add the mushrooms to the soup.
Add chillie flakes to taste
add lemon juice to taste.

Scoop the soup in a bowl.
And put the fried bacon on top