Cappucino Marakech

8oz Rock Glass 3 Medium Sized Star Anise 1 tsp Golden Raisins 60ml illy Espresso (Dark Roast) 20ml Sugar Syrup 250ml Fully Skimmed Milk 25ml Monin Hazelnut Syrup Cinnamon Powder Large Ice Cube
1. Place 2 star anise and raisins into a steaming pitcher and steam the ingredients with the milk steamer. Repeat this for 3 times, each time lasting about 10 seconds. 2. Place the star anise and raisins into a mixing glass. Muddle gently to release the flavours. 3. Pour 60ml of illy espresso and sugar syrup into the mixing glass and allow it to infuse with the star anise and raisins. 4. Mix the milk and hazelnut syrup in a mixing tin and whip it with a spindle mixer/ electric hand whip. Do this till a nice foamy texture is formed. 5. Place large cubes into the mixing glass and shake for 10 seconds. Strain content into a chilled rock glass. 6. Top with Hazelnut milk foam and finish with a dust of cinnamon powder and star anise for garnish.