Cajun Peppers filled with Tuna

Red peppers (middle size)Yellow peppers (small size)Olive oil (first class ça va sans dire) GarlicOnionCeleryTuna Fish (canned if you're hurry)A cup of BreadcrumbsPine nutsAlmondsCapersParsleyBlack PepperSaltTabasco Sauce

Sountrack: Johnny Cash. The man comes around

When I was young(er), I was working for a while as a gator trapper in the swamp of Lousiana. Once I lost myself. 20 bucks in my pocket and no one in sight. Cellphones didn't even exsist, the airboat left me alone, and hunger began to ate me. With the bucks I could only clean my... well you know. I began to walk an half dust half mud road between willows. A saw a sign in the middle of nowhere: 1512 miles from New York City(!).I was finishing my bottle of water and began to worry, really worry, when I put my eyes over a shape on the side of the woods, maybe a mile ahead. It was a sort of cabin with a red painted writing on the front side: cajun delicatessen (I'm not kidding). There I ate for the first time the Peppers filled with crab pulp (another dish was a beef tasting like fish)... Once I came back to Italy I cooked them a lot of time until a day I try a new way to prepare the recipe. Here it is:
Well let's cook them for two persons (hot and spicy supper, good wine, some sense of humour, the Johnny Cash disc and a lot of romance, then... well then it's up to you).
Take 4 red peppers and cut off the top with a knife and then their cores and seeds with a scissor. Take 2 yellorw peppers and do the same.
Cut in small  pieces the yellow ones, a white onion, a celery stem and a handful of Parsley.Smash a clove of garlic. With a mixer grind them all togheter.
Pour in a middle size frying-pan 3 spoonfuls of oil and heat it, then when the oil begin to fry pour in it the cream of yellow peppers, onion, celery, parsley and garlic. Brown it. 
Meanwhile toast fast, in a little pan, the almonds and the pine nuts
When it's browned pour in it the canned tuna with a sprinkling of black pepper and one of salt, pour in it a bit of tabasco sauce and half cup of breadcrumbs. Cook it for a couple of minutes, add the toasted almonds and pine nuts then add the capers.

Heat the oven till 190° (374 F). Drink a glass of wine.
Mix the other half cup of breadcrumbs with some parsley
Fill the peppers with the stuffing add over the other half cup of breadcrumbs  and parsley. Put on the top a little bit of olive oil or a little piece of butter.
Put the filled peppers into a oven proof dish and pour an half glass of water around them. 
Cook them for 30 - 35  minutes.
Serve them hot, drink Chianti, listen to "the man comes around" by Johnny Cash and you're done.
Enjoy it