Cabbage Stew


Chopped onions and celery, garlic 

1 lb. ground meat  

1 cup cooked rice 

½ head cabbage, sliced very thin, or 1 bag coleslaw mix 

1 can tomato sauce 

2 cans diced tomatoes 

Season salt, pepper 

Sour cream 


For this recipe I used Boca Meatless Grounds instead of ground meat. I don’t have measurements for the vegetables because that’s how the recipe was given to me. 


Brown meat with onions, garlic, celery. 

Add in tomato sauce and diced tomatoes 

Add seasonings to your taste. I added some ground cayenne pepper for flavor. 

Add in cabbage and about 1 cup of water. Stir and let simmer about 10 minutes 

When cabbage is cooked, add in rice and mix together.  

Let simmer about 10 more minutes. 

Put on your plate then top with some sour cream.