Brussels Sprouts & Bacon

- garlic, 1 sm clove - brussels sprouts, 10-12 halved - bacon or salted pork/pancetta, 1-2 slices - white wine or stock - salt - parmesan
1. Clean and prepare brussels sprouts, cutting each in half and removing blemished parts and leaves 2. Heat skillet over medium heat, add bacon or pancetta and garlic 3. When bacon/pancetta is slightly rendered and garlic lightly browned, add brussels sprouts halves face down in single layer. Sprinkle lightly with salt if needed (depending on amount and saltiness of bacon/pancetta used) 4. Cover skillet and let cook 3-5 minutes until sprouts are lightly browned and tender 5. Add splash of white wine or stock to skillet and stir lightly. Allow the liquid to reduce. 6. Remove from heat and serve with grated parmesan