- Good itallian bread (foccacia or ciabata), thickly sliced - Cherry tomatoes, chopped in 4/6 - Extra virgin olive oil - Fresh basil, torn - Garlic - salt and ground black pepper
This is a pretty easy basic recipe that anyone can do. Get the best tomotoes you can - its WORTH it! 1. Mix tomatoes, oil and basil in a bowl. 2. Cut garlic into thin slices and rub one side of the bread with it. 3. After rubbing the bread, chop the garlic finely and add to the tomatoes 4. Toast the bread on both sides under a grill. The garlic side should be a bit more toasted than the other side. 5. Add salt and pepper to the tomatoes, mix and spoon over bread. To serve place on a plate, grind some more black pepper over, drizzle a bit more olive oil, and put a whole basil leaf on top.