Brown Rice with Roasted Vegetables

2 Cups Brown Rice
1/2 Large Red Onion
2 Small Eggplants
1 Cup Cherry Tomatoes, halved
1 Red Pepper
6 Green Olives, sliced

For Dressing:
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
1/4 Cup White Wine Vinegar
1/6 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice
1/6 Cup Fresh Parsley, finely chopped
4 Tsp Lemon Pepper
2 Tsp Dijon Mustard
Sea Salt and Pepper

Charcoal BBQ

This is a great vegetarian dish that everyone enjoy.  It's healthy, and full of wonderful tastes and the charcoaled vegetables add a summer taste to the salad.  Vegetarians can enjoy it with a simple green salad, and non-vegetarians can enjoy this with their favorite BBQ beef or chicken.
  • Start by cooking the brown rice in 3 cups of water until tender and ready to eat.  Remove from heat and let cool.
  • Then get the BBQ ready and heated
  • Cut the Red onion, red peper, and eggplant in half, brush with little olive oil and cook on the BBQ for 4-5 minutes on each side
  • In the meantime prepare the dressing by whisking together all the ingredients and setting it aside
  • While you're letting the grilled vegetables cool down, start by placing the rice in the serving dish and adding the diced tomatoes
  • Then coarsely chop the griled vegetables and place them into the rice mixture.  Add sliced olives and mix together.
  • Spoon desired amount of the dressing over top and serve
Serves 6-8.