Bread and Butter Pudding with Baileys

50g Butter 1/2 large French Stick about 150g thinly sliced 60g Sultanas or dried Cranberries 2 large Eggs 40g Brown Sugar 300ml Double cream (I used normal full cream) 300ml Milk 4 tbsp Baileys 3tbsp Jam (any jam you love)
1. Grease the sides of an oven proof dish. Spread the bread slices with the remaining butter. Arrange the bread in the dish by overlapping them and sprinkle the dried fruits evenly. 2. Beat the eggs & sugar in a large bowl. Then beat in the cream, milk and Baileys. Slowly pour the wet mixture over the bread. Making sure that it doesn't overflow. 3. Press the bread slices down gently with fingers so that they are completely submerged. 4. Leave in for 20 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. 5. Create a Bain Marie and sprinkle with demerara sugar on the pudding. 6. Cook for 40-50 minutes. Shortly before the time is up, spread the jam on the surface of the pudding. Leave for 5 minutes and serve with extra cream or Baileys.