Bombay Martini

- Bombay gin - High quality vermouth (I use Vya) - Pimento stuffed (martini) olive
This mix is so mind-numbingly simple yet I have NEVER seen anyone make a martini like this. The key is to store your gin (and vodka) in the freezer so that shaking or stirring is not required. The result is that the drink is not diluted by melted ice and, therefore, is stronger (a good thing, I think). I use the lower proof gin as it makes it a little bit easier to drink more than one. I also use a small glass - the one in the photo was a gift to my parents for their wedding over fifty years ago. 1. Place olive in the bottom of the glass. 2. Pour vermouth about halfway up the olive (none of this "extra-dry" nonsense). 3. Top up glass with gin directly from the freezer. 4. Anticipate a pleasant, mind-altering state that only a martini can provide!