bocconcini tomato basil stix

-red cherry tomatoes -yellow cherry tomatoes -1 tub bocconcini cheese -1 bunch fresh basil -1 small canteloupe - 1 cup herbed vinaigrette home made.(bottled is ok. -5 dozen 41/2" frilled toothpicks (approx,) - carmelized garlic bits.(optional)
1.marinate bocconcini and tomatoes at room temp for at least 1 hour with fresh herbs and olive oil. 2. skewer bocconcini frst, then fresh basil leaf, and lastly alternating cherry tomatoes. (one colour is fine) 3. Stab them into round fruit (canteloupe), with the bottom cut off so it will sit flat on plate. 4. Start at the base and work your way around until you've reached the top. 5. Fell free to slightly drizzlw with herbed vinaigrette. Add carmelized garlic for a privelaged pallet. Leave to sit at room temp at least two hours.