Blue Cheese Dressing

  • 100 g sour cream
  • 50 g blue cheese
  • 150-200 g Japanese mayonnaise
  • A tiny spoonful of grain mustard
  • quarter clove of garlic finely minced
  • salt and pepper
  • A tiny spoonful of tonkatsu sauce
It had been close to five years since I'd had blue cheese dressing because I haven't been able to find it in my area of Japan, so I decided to make some. This version uses tonkatsu sauce instead of Worscestershire sauce and Japanese mayo instead of regular mayo. I made the substitution out of necessity and not totally based on taste, but the result was quite good. Feel free to  reverse the sub.

Japanese mayo is made with rice wine vinegar and MSG so it has a slightly different taste although I've kind of forgotten what non-Japanese mayo tastes like having been without it for 5 years. Also I used fresh garlic, but perhaps garlic powder would be better - I ran out. But the resulting taste was a lot better than the store bought stuff I remember. Hope you like it too!

1. Crumble the blue cheese into small pieces.

2. Add the other ingredients and stir together.

3. Store in the refrigerator overnight for flavors to meld.  Add into your favorite salad, sandwich, or serve with hot wings.