Blood Orange Friand

- 125g unsalted butter - 1cup almond meal - 1 & 2/3cups icing sugar - 3/4cup plain flour - 1/2tsp baking powder - 5 egg whites - 1 Blood orange (segmented ie., separate the segments from the membrane. Keep the juice though. If you want stronger orange flavour, zest the orange before segmenting it). - Glace blood orange
This is one of Donna Hay's cake recipe. I think this is the best way (not the healthiest obviously :P) to utilise all those egg whites you've got left after making custards for the choux puff. (PS : That orange in the photo, is fresh blood orange, not the glace orange :D) 1. Pre heat oven to 180 C 2. In a saucepan, melt the butter over very low heat until it turns very light golden colour (it doesn't take long, so keep an eye on it or it will burn). Leave aside and let cool. 3. In a bowl, sift icing sugar and flour into it. 4. Add in almond meal and baking powder. Mix well. 5. Add in the egg whites, mix well to combine. 6. Add in the cooled butter and mix well. 7. Add in the segmented orange and it's juice (and the rind too if you wish). 8. Pour into friand / muffin tins, about 2/3 full. 9. Put a piece of glace blood orange on top and place into the oven. 10. Bake for about 15-20min , or until it's springs back when touched. The centre should still be moist.