Big Breakfast Bagel

  • Bagels
  • Eggs
  • Little sausages of some type
  • Salsa

This one is almost too simple to be considered a recipe, but anyway:

Preparing the filling:
  • Cleft the bagels in twain (horizontally) and place under the grill
  • Slice the little sausage things up and drop into a pan, brown them up a bit
  • Lightly scramble the eggs - just kind of pull a fork through them to break the yolks and mix with the whites a little
  • Poor the eggs into the pan
  • Try for an omelette result but if that doesn't work out scramble and pretend like you meant to do it that way...

  • Remove bagels from grill and place bottoms on plates
  • serve egg & sausage mix onto bagel bottoms
  • top with some salsa
  • (could even sprinkle on some parmesan cheese)
  • add the lids and they're ready to go

Great with a coffee on a lazy (mildly hung-over) Sunday morning! The salsa really sets it off, but those who aren't into spicyness so early in the day can leave it out of course.