bhuvans tommato chuttney

tommato - 10
garlic       - 10 pieces
red chilly  - 10 pieces
mustered - 2 table spoons
oil             - 4 table spoons
salt          - to taste
curry leaf  - 10 leaf

grind tommato, garlic,red chilly like a fine paste.

add 2 spoons of mustard and curry leaf and add oil

according to ur requirement and heat it in frying pan.

heat it upto 15 mints.

now u can add little amount of salt. and mix it well.

its very simple and quick to make.

its ready now to serve.

it will go well with toasted bread,pan cake, roti,pizza or

indian rice cake.

u can preserve it in refrigerator for more than one week

and use it as u wish at any time.

now bhuvans tommato chuttney is ready and it will

definetatly tickle ur tongue.