Better than the Take outs

- Wide rice noodle (sorry don't really know the name) but it's in the noodle section in any Asian market - Bean sprout (most supermarket carries it now) - Ground turkey - Broccoli - Cumin - Potato - Onion - Oil - Salt - Soy sauce
I love to order this dish for Chinese takeouts, but it's never healthy to rely on takeouts, besides this dish is super easy to make at home. ** The most of your time will spend on meat it's what separate this from the cheap takeout :) ** 1. dice up onion and potato to very fine cubes (super fine) 2. mix ground turkey with (1) then add cumin, salt, black pepper 3. in a pan add some oil and roll (2) into many little balls then flat them out and place them in the pan 4. chop up broccoli and wash bean sprout 5. flip the meat to cook the otherside, then after two sides are cooked - take the meat out and cut them up to strips 6. in a pan add some oil and water, add rice noodles cook till soft, add soy sauce then dump in (4) + (5) cook till it looks good to eat. 7. That's all it's that easy.