bestest fried rice

- peanut oil - 4 eggs (beaten) - ginger (finely chopped up, 2 tablespoonish) - garlic (finely chopped up, 5 cloves) - brown onion (diced) - corn kernals - few rashers of bacon (tiny pieces) - chinese bbq pork / cha siu (tiny pieces) - sugar (teaspoonish) - shao hsing wine (2 tablespoons - don't leave this out or it'll taste crap) - leftover white rice (ALWAYS use leftover rice for fried rice, otherwise it'll be too sticky) - oyster sauce (tablespoon) - spring onions / scallions (lots) - maggi seasoning (couple of teaspoons) - sesame oil (tablespoon)
This is possibly the most complicated fried rice recipe EVER. Modified from Kylie Kwong's recipe cos I'm never happy with what's in cookbooks. 1. heat wok and add loads of peanut oil (the more oil you use the better). you can use vegetable or whatever oil but peanut oil tastes best for chinese dishes). 2. when the oil is ready add the eggs. when cooked and fluffy transfer to paper towel to drain the insane amount of oil. set aside for later. 3. add more oil and stirfry the ginger and garlic til it smells really good 4. add onions and cook til they get a bit see throughish 5. toss in the corn kernals, then add the bacon...then the bbq pork (and save the sauce from the bbq pork for later) 6. plop in the sugar and wine, let it sizzle for a bit 7. now add the cooked fluffy egg and smoosh it into little pieces as you stir. 8. now add the rest of the ingredients (plus the leftover bbq pork sauce) and stir like crazy 9. ta-da, the bestest fried rice ever. and plate it up and make it look pretty.