Berry smoothie

- berries (blackcurrant, blueberry, strawberry, etc) Note: depending on the quality of your blackcurrants, you might want to blend them separately and run them through a sieve first to get out hard bits. - banana - soy milk or yogurt + juice(orange, apple, etc) - wheat germ - honey - dash of vanilla extract - empty plastic freezer-safe bottles (optional)
I'm groggy in the mornings and not very good at getting a real breakfast together until about an hour after waking up. This means no breakfast on mornings with early work appointments. So I'm going to make these smoothies in bulk, and keep them in the freezer in plastic bottles for those desperate occasions. 1. Add ingredients to blender in desired quantity, and to taste. 2. Blend like mad 3. Pour into bottles, put in freezer. 4. Transfer from freezer to fridge the night before crazy morning, drink during commute.