Beef Puree Curry

1) 500 grams beef – cut cube and slice thin 2) Two large potatoes, cut into chunks 3) One can of tomato puree 4) 10 shallots – slice 5) 1 bulb garlic – slice 6) 2 inches ginger - pound 7) 2 sprig curry leaves The spices: (which you can easily buy from supermarkets) 1) 2 tablespoon of chilli powder (more if you want it spicier) 2) 2 tablespoon of fennel powder 3) 2 tablesoon of cummins 4) 2 tablespoon of poppy seeds powder (kaskas) (optional) 5) Salt and bit sugar palm
1) Heat some oil in wok 2) Mix the spices with some oil, add into the heated wok with the curry leaves, fry till changed colour. 3) Add the garlic, shallots and ginger and tomato puree until fragrant. 4) Add in beef, potatoes. Add some water to simmer till soft. 5) Keep adding water but not too much. You want it to have just some thick gravy. 6) Season with salt and a bit of palm sugar. Remarks: 1) When frying curry or chillie paste, put an extra oil and used sugar palm, cos' tasted better than white sugar. 2)Eat this with rice, bread,peta etc... cook extra more and freeze for the next gathering.