Bean curd with minced meet chili sauce (Mapo-tofu)

- tofu (non taste one, It's bette to use hard tofu) - minced meet(beef , pork , beef and pork. anything OK.) - garlic - green stems of fresh garlic - ginger - chili pepper - chili bean paste - soy-source - alcohol (I use Japanese-sake) - sugar - salt - essence of soup - oil - sesame oil - starch - chinese pepper
1. Cut the Tofu by 1 cm3. 2. Boil tofu lightly. 3. Mince the garlic, ginger, chili pepper. 4. Cut green stems of fresh garlic. 5. Make source (mix the essence of soup, chili bean paste soy source, sugar, alcohol, salt etc) 6. Bake minced beef with oil by pan. till it becomes brown. 7. Put minced garlic, ginger, steem of ginger into the pan. 8. Put source into the pan. 9. Put Tofu into the pan. 10. Put sesame oil into the pan. 11. Taste it and add seasoning. (chili bean paste.) 12. Mix starch with water. 13. Mix grated chinese pepper. 12. Eat with Rice!!