BBQ lime prawns

  1. 1 kg prawns - fresh and raw, as large as you can get. I've used 16 Australian extra large Tiger prawns here. General rule of thumb - 4 prawns per person.
  2. 1 lime, rind and juice
  3. Gourmet salt - I've used Murray River Gourmet Pink Salt Flakes here.
  4. Black pepper, freshly ground
  5. Extra virgin olive oil, good quality.
  6. Coriander, chopped (optional)

This is a really simple recipe. The trick lies in the quality and freshness of the ingredients you use. While you want some charring to occur, take care not to overcook the prawns too.

  1. Halve the prawns from head to tail and devein.
  2. Lay prawns out flesh side up on a tray. Rub in lime rind, salt flakes and black pepper. Squeeze lime juice over prawns and liberally drizzle olive oil over meat. Leave to marinate for awhile.
  3. Heat up a barbie till flaming hot. Barbecue prawns shell side down till flesh has just turned from transluscent to opaque. Flip over to char flesh then remove. Sometime I drizzle over the leftover olive oil marinade so the flames shoot up, charring the flesh quicker. Alternatively you could use a cast iron chargrill pan on a kitchen stove.
  4. Garnish with chopped coriander. Serve while still piping hot.