Bavarian Risotto

For 4
2 medium leek
400 gr arboreo rice
300 gr Emmentaler cheese (or another cheese with large holes)
100 gr butter
1 big glass Riesling wine (or another white dry sparkling wine)
1,5 liter broth (veggie or chicken)

This recipe is not Bavarian. I made up the name and the recipe. But the ingredients could remember Bavaria and the taste would be good for our German Pope.

It is really simple. Cut the leek in slices. Stir fry it with half of the butter. Once it is soft put the rice and let it toast. Add the wine and let it dry up. Add the broth one/two cup at the time until the rice is "al dente". Add the cheese, cut in thin slices, and the remaining butter. Stir until the cheese is melted and serve.