Basted Chicken

Whole chicken (small)
2-3 tbsp butter (more is OK)
1 cup sour cream (more is OK)
salt, pepper and seasoning
This recipe is not about spices, secret ingredients and precise timing. It's about lots and lots of butter and sour cream, and turning.

First cut the chicken open with kitchen scissors. Make the cut on the breast side, so that chicken spreads like butterfly. Do not split in half! Now wash it thoroughly. In medium-sized skillet, heat all the butter on medium-high heat.
When it starts to boil, position the chicken cut-side down into hot butter. Sprinkle salt, pepper and your favorite poultry seasoning (experiment here!). Take a cooking pan lid - large enough to cover chicken, but too small to seal the skillet. Cover the chicken and press hard on it, until you hear shhhhhhhh. Hold it while you can (advise: use kitchen glove).

1st turn
After 5-8 minutes turn the chicken over. Again sprinkle salt, pepper and seasoning. Press the lid again, hard and long.
After 5-8 minutes uncover and pour half of sourcream over chicken. Leave to cook on medium-low for 5-8 minutes, covered with normal skillet lid (no pressing this time).

2nd turn
Turn the chicken once more, pour the remaining sour cream and cover. Baste constantly. Cover and continue cooking for as long as you feel necessary. Now is a good time to begin preparing sides for your main dish. Observe all the sour cream seductively melt and sweat down the chicken.

3rd turn
Turn the chicken again, baste, and cover. Continue with your sides.

4th turn
This is the final turn. The chicken is most likely cooked well now, so it is time to slice it into smaller pieces. Use kitchen scissors and slice chicken into 4-6 pices, or as you see it. Baste all pieces, and plate your sides.

Plate chicken along with sides and enjoy!

  • I made as a hot side for this dish. Spoon lots of excess molten butter from chicken skillet onto potatoes - makes 'em irresistible!
  • use any poultry seasoning you like. Curry, French mixtures, Herbes de Provence - all work well.
  • use kitchen glove when pressing the pan lid - steam can get really hot.
  • adjust all timing to your cooking stove - just watch the skin brown, then turn. If you're not sure at the end - stab meat with knife and check for red juices. White juices indicate ready to serve.
  • pickles go really well as a side, cold beetroot salad does too.