basil prawn pizza

for the dough - 175 gr all purpose flour - 125 ml warm water - 1 teasp dry yeast - 1 teasp olive oil - pinch of salt for the sauce - 1 tin of chopped tomatoes - 3 tbsp tomato paste - dried oregano or if your lazy just buy a premade pizza sauce for the topping - 2 ounces of peeled shrimps - thinly sliced tomatoes - basil leaves - shredded mozzarella
this was originaly a pizza by uq pizza cafe, my favourite dish at the time i went to college abroad. i try to recreate my own version of it which turns out great. to make the dough... mix yeast and warm water,leave it for 10 min. mix flour and salt, pour into a clean and dusted surface. mount the flour mixture, and make a well like hole in the middle. put the yeast water mixture into the hole, carefully mix the flour with the water by slowly pushing the flour mixture into the yeast/water well. mould the mixture into a dough, knead it for about 5 minutes until dough is smooth and not crumbly. put it in a bowl, then cover with cloth for 30-60 min. after the dough has risen and the of it size has multiply,punch the dough to get the air out. split dough into two or three flatten the dough with rolling pin until it's thin to make the sauce... slow cook a can of peeled canned tomatoes with 3 table spoon of tomato paste until it forms a smooth tomato sauce sprinkle with dried oregano's season with salt and pepper assemble the pizza... pour tomato sauce over the pizza crust add mozzarella cover with slices of tomatoes, layer with shrimps then garnish with basil leaves season with salt and pepper put in the oven for approximately 15 min