Bananas in a caramel cream sauce

Four bananas split in halve length-ways
50 gr 2oz butter
50 gr 2 oz light brown sugar
Pinch of ground ginger/cinnamon
250 ml fresh cream
Shot of cooking brandy.
Extra shot of brandy for the cook :-)
Strawberries to garnish

On a hot large pan heat up the butter and when melted add the sugar.
Stir and allow to cook for 2 mins or until little bubbles form on top, pull the mixture to one side of the pan and heat up the other side a little.
Be careful now…… pour in the brandy and flame or ignite using a lighter and stir.
Once the flame has gone out, pour in the cream and stir allowing to thicken.
Add the pinch of ginger/cinnamon.
Now add the bananas and cook for 2 mins in the hot sauce.

Place on a dessert plate and pour over some of the hot sauce.
Garnish with fresh strawberries.

Ice-cream can be added if desired.