Banana Chocolate Swirl Cake

Ingredients A - 315g flour - 225g sugar - 1 teaspoon natron - 60g butter, smooth Ingredients B - 120g sour cream - 375ml smashed banana - 1 teaspoon vanille sugar - 1 egg, little bit swirled Ingredients C - 120g melt dark chocolate Frosting - 340g melt dark chocolate - 400g sour cream, room temperature
So.. a big cake... Delicious.. (at least I hope so... haven't tried yet *g*)! This recipe is for 1 cake or ca. 18 cupcakes! You can use the frosting also for the cupcakes! Let's go... 1. Preheat your oven to 180°C. Butter and flour two roundly spring forms (diameter 24cm). 2. Mix the ingredients A and cut the smooth butter into. Incorporate the butter with your finger tips till the crumbs look like little peas. 3. Mix the good mixed ingredients B with the ingredients A softly. 4. Add the melted chocolate with one move into the bananadough. Don't stir it much!!! We want to keep the color contrast between the bananadough and the chocolate. 5. Dispere the dough to the 2 spring forms and bake it for 34 min. Cool it for 10min before you take the cakes out of the forms. The cake should be cool if you want to dish up the frosting! So... you can dish up the frosting on the first cake and put the other cake to this. Dish up the frosting to this one! You've got one big delicious cake! :-) Sour Cream Ganache Frosting 1. Give the melted chocolate to a bowl. Fold the sour cream with a wooden spoon in. That's it! Dish immediately up with a palette-knife.