Baked Ham & Egg Cups


6 fresh eggs

12 slices of sliced deli ham (or any preferred sliced deli meat)

1 Roma tomato seeded and sliced into strips (or diced if preferred)

2 tblsp chopped chives

4 slices of Swiss cheese cut into strips (or any preferred cheese)

cooking spray

6 cup muffin pan


heat oven to 350˚

spray muffin pan with cooking spray

line each muffin cup with 2 slices of ham; cover bottom and sides making a little cup with the ham

add tomato to each cup

crack egg into each cup

top with cheese and chives

bake in 350˚ for 10 to 15 minutes or until egg is done to desired consistency

If a runny yolk is desired bake until egg shakes slightly; if a firmer yolk is desired turn off oven after 10 minutes and leave egg cups in hot oven until yolk firms