Baked Flat Fish

- Flat fish (I used flounder) - Lemons - Mixed herbs - Butter - Salt - Pepper
I love fish and after having this dish in a restaurant, I managed to weasel out how to do this from the waiter and was astounded by the easiness. Try it, you can't go wrong. 1. Scrape the scales off the fish and wash it. 2. Make shallow cuts into the fish so that it absorbs the sauce and cooks faster. 3. Preheat oven to 200 degrees celcius. 4. Place it on a sheet of aluminum foil. 5. Squeeze one lemon on it, slice up thin strips of butter and place it on and under the fish, the add in salt and pepper. 6. Place fish onto a baking tray for 15 minutes. 7. After 15 minutes open up the foil and continue baking it for another 5-10 minutes so that the edges become crisp. 8. Serve it with either a fresh garden salad or some roasted or grilled vegetables. 9. Eat yum yum Chock full of protein and it looks really good once served nicely on a plate with some greens. :)Plus it looks nice if you need to serve up a super looking dinner quickly.