Baileys praline / truffles

1. 100 g dark chocolate 2. 50 g milk chocolate 3. 125 g butter, softly 4. 125 g powder sugar 5. 3 ts (=tablespoon) cocoa 6. 6 cl Bailey's Irish Cream 7. chocolate / colored granules for decoration
1. Melt both chocolate secies together. 2. Mix butter and powder sugar with the mixer smoothy. 3. Add cocoa, Baileys and chocolate spoon by spoon. 4. Fill the dough in an icing bag. Cool it down for 15 min. 5. Dough in little praline paper muffin pans. Decorate it with granules. ALTERNATIVE: 5. For truffles: Form dough in little globes. Put them in a plate with the chocolate granules. Overnight the praline / truffles outside (if it's enough cold) or in the fridge! __________ kcals: circa 50 / piece