Bacon Omurice

- 6~8 strips of bacon (12 if you're a bacon lover) - 3 cups cooked rice (leftover chilled rice preferred) - 1 onion (3/4 minced, 1/4 finely minced) - button mushrooms - 3 cloves garlic - 4 eggs - tomato ketchup - tomato paste - 2 fillets of anchovies - salt and pepper makes 2 servings.
Omurice is something you usually have as a kid growing up in asia. Particularly in Korea and Japan. Omurice is short for omelet and rice. The rice is usually a fried rice and the omelet covers the rice with some garnish. There are 100s of ways to make this. This is one that's quick and made with things you'd find lying around in your kitchen. **Fried Rice** 1. In a sautee pan, get the bacon going and add the 3/4 of the onion in and get it all nicely caramelized. Add in the anchovies, and 2 minced garlic and continue to keep everything moving. 2. Add in the cold rice and sautee as you would fried rice. Making sure you fluff things and not to let the rice to sit too long. As you're doing this, add just a touch of ketchup to the mix to color the rice and enhance the fried rice to have a slight ketchup taste. You don't want to over do it here with the ketchup since it's such an overpowering flavoring. 3. The fried rice is done so now you have to place it on a large plate and have it ready for it's omelet covering. To do this, I mold the rice using a small bowl or gravy boat and carefully turn it on a plate. **Omelet** I would recommend people to practice their omelet making skills. I can go on about making omelets. 1. Simple story - make a nice fluffy egg omelet that covers the rice. Try to make it all consistently yellow and evenly cooked throughout. **Sauce or Garnish** For the picture above, I used the following: 1. In olive oil, sautee up the other garlic clove, mushrooms and the finely chopped onions (shallots work well here too). 2. Add in tomato paste and a bit of ketchup. 3. Garnish over omelet and enjoy. There are about a 1000 different ways you can make this dish. You can make the eggs loose and have it run nicely with the fried rice. You can make the fried rice with chicken bits. You can use demi-glace sauce as a garnish. The list goes on. Make it the way you like it and share.