Asparagus Mushroom Soup

- 4 stalks of asparagus - 1/2 onion - 2 small garlic cloves - mushroom - pepper - salt - starch
i generally followed yong fook's recipe, but added a little something extra in the form on the onion and garlic, which i blended together with the asparagus! and i used small canned mushrooms instead ;) more detailed instructions: - boil asparagus in slightly salted water for abt 4-5 minutes - take out the asparagus and put in blender together with dashes - olive oil (or butter, according to yong fook's recipe); blend till smooth - add water to the blended asparagus and season with salt until it's to ur liking - add garlic and onion to blend with the asparagus - take out the mixture and pour into a small pot - add just a little bit of starch-water mixture and let it boil - serve!