Apam Balek

1) 2 cups self rising flour 2) 1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda 3) Few drops yellow food colouring 4) 1 egg 5) 1/2 cup fresh milk 6) 1/2 tsp baking powder Filling: 1) 1 can creamy corn 2) 1 cup peanut – roasted and pounded 3) 1 cup sugar 4) 1 tbsp margarine
1) Whip sugar with eggs until arise. Add soda bicarbonate, milk, baking powder and food colouring. 2) Add flour and mix well. Add water slowly. Mix to a smooth batter then leave aside to stand for 1 hour (I used blender to get smooth batter then sieve). 3) Heat a nonstick pan and add a ladle of batter. 4) Cook for a while then spread filling evenly. 5) Cover the pan to cook the apam. Once cooked, fold like an omelet.