- Olive oil, - 1 yolk, - 1 or two garlic cloves (depending on how hot/strong you want it to be) - and salt.
Originally this Sauce was only made out of garlic and oil. Step 1. Put some salt in the bottom of the recipient so that when you smash the garlic it doesn’t jump out of the recipient. Step 2. Smash the garlic. Step 3. Add the yolk to the recipient and start stirring the the mixture always same direction until you get an homogeneous texture. Step 4. Start adding olive oil, little by little. Use one hand to stir and the other to add the oil. Stop with the oil for a little while and keep on stirring always same direction. You will see that it gets more consistent. Step 5. Keep on stirring and adding olive oil. The sauce is getting thicker. Step 6. The sauce will get so thick that the wooden tool stands alone. The more olive oil you add the more sauce you will get. Stop when you think you have enough. See recipe pictures in