Ale Chicken

1 bottle of beer(ale) 1 lbs chicken 1 medium onion( sliced thinly) 1 tbs chopped garlic 1/4 cup kecap manis(black soy sauce) salt and pepper to taste 1 tsp chicken boulian(royco) 1 tsp oil to cook
I really love bourbon chicken but i don't have bourbon at home, so i just used beer instead, taste preety good, i don't really know how to make bourbon chicken so i just create this recipe as like it, enjoyed 1. add oil in the pan on medium high , 2. and saute onion untul translusent and add chopped garlic, 3. add chiken cooked until it turn white, 4. add the beer and black soy sauce, salt, pepper, royco 5. reduce heat and shimmer till the liquid half. 6. serve with cooked rice with added butter and salt and pepper to taste and blanched asparagus or any other veggie on hand it's deliciouse, try it if you don't believe me, you can also cook them until the liquid is all dry, either way they are yummy,