A ok Salmon


About 4-6 salmon fillets; or whole salmon it can have the skin on it.
Garlic powder
Kosher salt
Black ground pepper
Lemon pepper
A lemon or two; juiced
2 tablespoon of melted butter *more or less*
About 2 tablespoons or so of olive oil

First I wanted to mention, I didn't any measurements! I  had a whole salmon thought I could improvise a little and get something going for my dinner, ASAP. Plus it was frozen! And I promise, if that skin is on it..that bad boy is coming right off!

1. Time to start the oven, depending on your salmon you can heat it at 375-400F; You gotta look at the thickness of it.

2. Now time to do some work.. Get a flat baking pan/sheet, big enough for your salmon. Grab the aluminum foil as well, rip enough for your salmon. Place it on top of the flat sheet. Place your frozen or defrosted salmon on top. By doing this, makes cleaning so much easier!

3. Time to dress the salmon. Drizzle that olive oil so the salmon won't be sticking to anything! Once again it helps with the easy clean up! Sprinkle all that goodies onto your salmon..more or less depending on you of course. I just coated enough to cover the salmon.

*For the butter you can either reserved it after you cook or you can pour it on top of it with the other ingredients.  Instantly you have lemon butter! :) *

4. Once you finish dressing up that bad boy.. place another sheet of foil onto on the salmon try to make a tent above it so the ingredients won't get stuck on the the top foil. Try making a pouch. Squeeze the sides of the foils together. Doing this will help the oil and lemon juice to stay with the fish and not be everywhere on the pan, and easy clean up.

5. Place that fish in the oven. I would recommend for a defrosted fish 14-17 minutes on 375, 25-30 minutes on 400.

6. Once your fish is done. Let it cool down before opening the foil. Once its ready to go..open it up and serve! If you did reserve some butter pour that butter right on!

Well I hope you guys like this.. I know its simple but hey it worked for me! Let me know how it goes. Any questions just ask..