10 minute marinated salmon

Salmon fillet (boned or boneless - up to you)
Fresh garlic
Lemon pepper
Soy Sauce
Olive Oil

Shin Mirin (Japanese sweet wine sauce - check Asian section of supermarket)
Gourmet boiling potatoes
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Salad - lettuce, cucumber, red onion

If you're in a hurry skip the potatoes - they take the longest by far.
  1. Cut the potatoes into small bite-sized portions and put on the boil (don't forget to add salt to the water!)
  2. Peel the fresh garlic and crush it into a bowl (with a spoon or garlic crusher)
  3. Put in one table spoon of Olive oil
  4. Put in two table spoons of Soy Sauce
  5. Put in two table spoons of Shin mirin
  6. Add lemon pepper (I add quite a bit, but up to you)
  7. Add black pepper (ground)
  8. Mix around until you get an oily mess and there are few chunks left
  9. Dip finger in marinade and taste
  10. Pull bones from salmon - the art to doing this is to pull on a 45 degree angle with the grain of the fish
  11. Make small slices along salmon flesh (to allow it to marinade more!)
  12. Put salmon flesh down into the bowl of marinade - spoon additional marinade on and around the salmon
  13. Allow salmon to marinade for at least 5 minutes - longer the better really
  14. Prepare plate of salad
  15. Check potatoes every few minutes with a sharp knife - once knife is sliding in with little resistance turn heat down
  16. Heat a pan at high temperature
  17. Once fully heated, turn heat down and put salmon into pan flesh facing up
  18. Spoon a few more spoonfuls of marinade onto fish (but save some for garnish later!)
  19. Wait for about 2 minutes (until you can see the colour of the flesh lightening) - enjoy the sizzling sound
  20. Turn off heat and flip fish
  21. Cook for 1 minute then take pan off element, flip salmon back over
  22. Empty water from potatoes and spoon potatoes onto plate with salad
  23. Put fish on top - again flesh side up.
  24. Spoon rest of marinade on top of fish and let it drip down to the potatoes and salad
  25. EAT! If you've done it right the skin of the salmon should be crisp, edible and delicious and the flesh should melt in your mouth. Not bad for 10 minutes work huh?